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Petunia Patchwork by MariaLuver
Petunia Patchwork
Authors note: I was half asleep when I wrote this and was literally running on caffeine and sugar. it's not supposed to make sense.

                Imagine waking up one day and finding out your whole life was stolen away from you. Will yourself to think of a world where you open your eyes one morning and see someone else living your life. That’s what happened to me. My name is Jessie Collins, and this is my story.

          I’m pretty much your average 17-year-old guy. I eat pizza, play video games, and will do almost anything to keep my girlfriend from chewing my head off. That’s kind of how this whole mess started. Yesterday my best friend, Nathan, came up to me at school and he was livid. He pulled me into the janitor’s closet, cliché I know.

          “Your girlfriend is going to kill you bro!” he said in concern. I looked confused. Nathan is usually a pretty quiet guy who barely says anything so the fact that he was yelling at me made me worried that the situation was more serious than I first thought. I started to say something but he dramatically put his finger to my mouth to shut me up. “Two words my friend, one year.”

          I tried to think of what he was talking about and then it struck me. I have been dating Sally for a whole year and I had completely forgotten. I wasn’t as concerned by the fact I had forgotten our anniversary as I was that Nathan did though. “How did I… How do you… oh my god I’ve got to get her something!” I ran out of the closet to see my ‘friend’ Brian looking completely petrified. I had no idea why until I had already run out of the school. That was when I realized the quarterback of the football team had just witnessed me emerge from a janitor’s closet with my best friend. That couldn’t have looked right, but I couldn’t think about that right now.

          I drove my car into town to see if I could find something cheap in the antique shop. Sally simply adored old and freaky things. I walked into the shop and looked around for something that caught my eye. A porcelain music box, no. retro gaming system, I might have to come back later and get that for myself. I was about to give up looking before I turned my head to see the answer to all of my prayers. A little patchwork doll with a jacket that looked like it was made of rags. It looked like one of those ragdolls from Coroline. The doll just screamed Sally. I picked it up and read the tag.

          “My name is Petunia Patchwork. Not only am I a great listener, but I’m a best friend…” the note said a bunch of commonplace things for a doll tag, until I read the end. “However, if you betray me you will regret it until the day you perish.” A bit creepy, but I bought the doll nonetheless. I had it gift wrapped at the register and brought it to school.

     I went to find Sally, and what happened next caused me to be where I am today. I found her alright. I found her in Brian’s arms. They were dancing, and I mean slow dancing in a vacant classroom dancing. She looked at me scared and walked towards me as if to say “It’s not what it looks like,” but I didn’t want to hear it. I stormed out of the school and trashed the doll in a bin.  I drove myself home, because I couldn’t stand to see the two-timing, back-stabbing, son of a biscuit eating bulldog’s face. I completely ignored my family as they greeted me with a bunch of questions to why I was home early and ran to my room. I slammed the door and laid on the bed and closed my eyes.

    I dreamed of that freaky doll. I just saw her in a dark room, and a tiny girl voice whispered in y ears over and over again, “If you betray me you will regret it until the day you perish.” Over and over again the words were repeated like a broken record.

    I woke up from my nightmare, but something was different. I wasn’t in my bed anymore. In fact I could see my bed from where I was. Even weirder than that, I could see me sleeping in my bed! I tried to turn my head and look around but I couldn’t. I noticed my dim reflection in the screen of the television, which was turned off at the moment. I was the doll. I was Petunia Patchwork. I watched as my real body woke up to the sound of my cell phone ringing. He answered the phone and was talking with my voice in my body but he wasn’t me. Whatever it was wasn’t me!

“Hello? Oh, hey Sally… dance lessons? To impress me at prom? Aww you shouldn’t have! Well, sorry for overreacting. How about we go to dinner tonight? Sounds like a plan! Bye.” The fake me hung up the phone and looked over in my direction smirking. “Welcome to your new life,” he chuckled maniacally as he walked out of my room.



MariaLuver's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
Okay sooo. I'm MariaLuver! I like to draw, write, and occasionally sing. My passion is my piano.
Greetings my fellow DeviantARTists
I want to tell u something aout my poems... in a poem. XD a poem about poems. interesting.
Anyways here it goes:

I'm posting my poems
That i have wrote over time
However, my poems
Almost never EVER rhyme

None of them are happy
But I suppose that's okay
Because someone once told me
No one will read them anyway

I still do not listen
To that voice in my head
Because if i did
It would kill me instead

So I'm posting my poems
If you can even call them that
Although, if you read them
You would rather pet a cat

... that is why none of my poems rhyme. Because when they DO they end up having a silly part but my poems aren't silly. they express how I feel. I was never actually going to post any. but i stayed up all last night writing new ones because something big just happened. It shouldn't be that big of a deal but it is so get over it. If you don't like sadness and listening about the truth, i doon't suggest reading any of my poems. some of the poems have hidden meanings in them and i will say at the end if they do, but if anybody guesses the meaning correctly, they will get a prize. if not, i MIGHT simly tell you the meaning. I really dont know if they would even count as poems but let's give it a try

And yes. there is one named "olly-olly-oxen-free"
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